A Couple Of Smiles

I received this beautiful wee box the other day! Little hand made Pikachu earrings!

I was introduced to this store by a friend (o^-^o)

Please like their FB page and check out their Etsy store:



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Long Time No Type


It has been quite a while since I updated here. Things have changed so much over the past year for me.

I still wear Lolita however I now split my fashion style. I tend to wear either Lolita or 1940s/50s style clothing. I love how different I can look in them from one day to the next.

I am off work today. I am so fed up of this cold like flu thing! I guess it is the time of year for it :( In an attempt to cheer myself up I am currently constructing a chocolate Christmas cabin! More on how that turns out later… Maybe…

Here is a wee selfie update I took the other day. 18” chopped off my hair and I had it permed too. Still have extensions and a clip in fringe if I want my old style back too. But its so nice to have thick feeling hair for a change!


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Harajuku Girls at Edinburgh Festival 2015 ( STV )

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Happy Halloween everyone!

Well, I know Halloween was yesterday, but everyone is still celebrating and dressing up today as it’s a Saturday :D Thought I would share a picture of these little boxes I made up for some of my colleagues and friends. The bottle came from a wonderful little store called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies:



There was a staff party funded by the company last night and it was so much fun. People made a lot of effort with their costumes.

I am so happy; I came 2nd place for my costume out of about 250 people! :D I went with a gory, defeated Chun Li from Street Fighter and my friend was BeetleJudy :


It’s been a long day, so time to get some sleep. Goodnighty!


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Another Question Quiz!

1. Where have you been?!
I haven’t been online much at all for the past year. It sounds bad but I have just had no time or interest in the online world, lol. Real life had become so busy. I have moved house, moved job three times (all within the same company though), had friends going through rough times and I’ve also had a few wee health scares along the way! XD But I am back now!

2. How are you feeling right now?
Ill! I have caught a stupid cold from one of the other trainers at work! I have spent most of my Saturday in bed with a fever, so I am not amused! I have had a few nice PMs from friends though that have cheered me up ;)

3. Who are the most important people in your life?
My friends, they mean the world to me. I love love love them.

4. Would you sacrifice everything for love?
I’m a bit ‘Disney’ like that, so yes, I would XD

5. Are you afraid of dying?
I remember being a kid lying in bed thinking about what it would be like to die. I lay there crying for a few minutes and then thought to myself, ah well it’s going to happen one day anyway! XD

6. Have you ever been in love?
I have. And love freaking hurts! XD

7. Are you happy with who you are?
For the most part I would say that I am. I have learnt a lot about myself over the past year that I’m not too keen on though. I compare myself to other people and I wish that I didn’t, lol.

8. Is there someone you can tell everything to without fear of judgment?
I have several very close friends I know I can say anything to.
Often if something tough comes up, I do keep it to myself for a while. That’s no reflection on my friends though. It’s purely because I want to get the answer/solution straight in my head first, with no outside influences. Or there is often information/news that I need to come to terms with, before I am even able to speak about it with anyone.

9. Is there something you would never do?
I am pretty open minded but I guess I would never eat some of the things you see on these reality TV shows. Things such as kangaroo penis and chick embryos *bolk*

10. Have you ever self-harmed?

11. What can a person do to irritate you?
I hate being lied to. I would rather people were honest with me, even if it’s going to hurt me.
Being fake. Don’t be nice to my face then a di#k behind my back lol.
I hate people who just come up with excuses all the time. I believe in the saying “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”.

12. Are you a very open or private person?
I find this one hard to answer. I would say that I am a pretty open person, but we all have our secrets, right? ;)

13. If money was no object, where would you move to?
I would stay here in Edinburgh, but I would buy a considerably larger home. Large three floor townhouse please! Or one of those cute cottages just a little further out of town.

14. Who was the last person to make you cry?
Not purposefully, but a woman at work, yesterday. She wanted me to read her favorite book. I started reading it at work and boy do I regret that! I started crying, lol! It’s a book called The Little Prince:


15. Have you ever online dated?

16. Do you play video games?
I used to, a lot! I’m still a Dreamcast and N64 girl!

17. What or whom do you miss right now?
I miss some of my friends! There are some people in my life I just don’t get to see as frequently as I would like to as they have other commitments, families etc. Some of my friends have also had to move back home to other countries; I miss them one hell of a lot!

18. What perfumes do you wear?
So hooked on Carmella by Benefit Make-up.
Vanilla by The Bodyshop
Black XS by Paco Rabanne
Baby Powder by The Library of Fragrance
Evelyn Rose by Crabtree & Ecelyn

19. Do you still wear Lolita dresses?
I do still wear Lolita clothing however I also wear other vintage fashions too. I used to wear Lolita every day. Lolita is still my favorite but I pick more dresses that are closer to the Victorian era. I like having a different look each day. Its funny when your colleagues start to stop recognising you!

20. Do you wear socks or slippers around your house?
Nope, I see myself as the Pocahontas of… my home. I would walk everywhere bare foot if I could, lol. Socks also prevent you from picking things up off the floor with your toes! ;)

21. What is currently bugging you?
My cold.

22. Do you sleep naked?

23. What are you looking forward to?


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White Moon Lolita Winner Announced!

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White Moon Classic Lolita Giveaway!

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Ma Spooky Suit!

I recently got a cheque through from an Aunt that passed away earlier this year:(

I decided to go shopping today with my boyfriend. I bought so many things I didn’t need, including this skeleton suit! I loves it! :D

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Tag Question Quiz

Tagged by Yaya

The rules:
• State 11 random facts about yourself
• Answer the 11 question the blogger who tagged you posed
• Write down 11 questions you want to ask other bloggers
• Tag 11 people and link them in your post
• Make sure you informed the people you tagged

Random facts:
1. I am 25 years old.
2. I have had two pets in my lifetime, both female hamsters. One called Sophie and my current hammy called Jasmine.

3. I love planning day trips.
4. I don’t believe in ghosts but I do love good ghost stories.
5. No answers I give are ever set in stone.
6. I don’t drink alcohol.
7. I love to make people smile and laugh more than anything!
8. I love a challenge and enjoy competition.
9. I like learning anything! whether it is learning a new skill or just more about a friend.
10. My favourite season is winter.
11. I am obsessed with Christmas! I just love giving people presents :D

Yaya’s 11 questions for you:

1. Do you like travelling?
I enjoy travelling, yes. I haven’t had my passport for very long though so I have only been to Paris and Venice out with the UK.
2. You favourite kind of music?
I always hate this question, lol.
I’m not really a big fan of music. If I had to pick one, it would beee…. Classical, with very few instruments.
3. Tell us a dream you had at night?
I have very vivid dreams. I remember almost all of them. Maybe one day I will type one up, a bit long for this little space though :)
4. Books or movies?
I would say that I watch more movies than I read books. I think it is because watching movies can be more social. Reading a book, you tend to do alone.
5. Countryside or city?
City! I want to say countryside so badly. I love the colours, plants, flowers, the thought of life in a pretty white cottage, (dressed like Anne of Green Gables XD) but… I seem to be allergic to everything nature has to offer!
Concrete Jungle it is then, not that I’m complaining, I love the city too.
6. How do you deal with hate/haters?
Not everyone is going to like me, and I understand that.
I try my best to like everyone, even the people who don’t like me. I try and understand why people like them, and work out what it is about me that they dislike. I wouldn’t change for anyone however I think it’s interesting the things humans find that bother them.
7. What’s your opinion on Valentines day?
I think it’s cute and a nice tradition. I’m not a huge celebrator of it. Just because I think a lot of the gifts on offer are pretty tacky, lol.
8. Getting up early or staying up late?
Both! :D I love early starts and late nights.
Often on a Friday, if I’m working, I am up at 6am. I then go out with friends after work and I can be out until 2/3am and still feel wide awake! :D
9. Something you do not like at all?
Those weird microfiber dusting clothes! They stick to your finger prints, it’s a horrible feeling! O_o
10. Do you have a certain talent?
I am pretty flexible after doing gymnastics when I was younger? I can draw a little too:

11. Something you can’t live without?
My friends and partner mean the world to me <3

Sorry, I haven’t tagged anyone back. Most people I would tag, have already done this XD Feel free to steal and pass on I guess!

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Milky Ange Red One Piece

I have the blue version and now I have the red too! Arrived yesterday! :D
Dress by: Milky Ange.

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