A Lazy Day

Today I went into to town to run some errands. It was really nice to be in town on a Monday because the whole place was empty!

It was good to be able to stop where normally crowds of tourists gather. I took this touristy pic as I was passing, without a single person walking into me, which was nice! XD


I decided to do a little bit of antique ‘window shopping’. I found cameos! :D


I then stopped in at Lovecrumbs again for another Rose hot chocolate, this time accompanied by a sea salt and caramel brownie! :D NOM.


It was so wet and windy today, so I went for a more casual look…


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2 Responses to A Lazy Day

  1. PixieRay says:

    It’s official, I need to come visit Edinburgh! I can’t believe I still haven’t visited yet, it’s only a train ride away :/
    You are a really good photographer as well as a great model :3
    That hot chocolate looks amazing *drools* lol.

  2. Susie says:

    Following you on bll&ooving#39; now. The dress is stunning so I would style it very simple with a pair of classy black pumps and some pearls around my neck.

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