Training and Treats!

Just a quick update. I recently started a new job! Kinda…

I have four weeks of intensive training for the role. On Friday I have my first test! :-/ If I fail on Friday, I am out. The past bar is set at 90%! I can’t mention the name of the company unfortunately, but they look after their staff well. It means the world to me right now, so I need to pass the training!

Anyway, I popped into Tesco on the way home and bought some adorable Halloween treats! I felt the need for some chocolate tonight! :D

Just thought I would share my creepy candy with you all!

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One Response to Training and Treats!

  1. PixieRay says:

    I LOVE French Fancies! I have yet to see these Halloween style ones available in the stores here. As soon as I do, I am purchasing them.
    Good luck with regards to the job!!! I really hope it works out for you ^^

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