Lockshop’s Ball-Jointed Dolls Tights

Long time no post!

Yesterday I received my new BJD tights from Lockshop. I love them so so much! :D

They look fantastic. I had some mixed reactions from friends, some of them loved them and others thought they looked way too creepy. Either way the reactions were hilarious! :D

The tights are comfortable, well made and the print looks great. I can only recommend!

Below is the information from Lockshop‘s website if you are considering purchasing them:

“The tights can be shipped very cheaply in a (bubble wrap) envelope, so if you buy it in bulk it might be cheaper for you to split your orders so that it can be send as an envelope instead of a package. When it doesn’t show “mailbox” shipping as an option it might be cheaper to choose to split your order instead!

The tights are quite sheer, but surprisingly thick. They don’t tear easily, but please handle them with care! They are 30 Denier

Size: These tights are one size fits most. They are made of an extremely stretchy material and are aimed for the western market size S-M. The model wearing the tights is a size S and 5’10” or 1.78cm, so they will fit a great range of heights! We will supply different sizes in the future.”

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