Harajuku Girls at Edinburgh Festival 2015 ( STV )

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  1. Donald says:

    Dear Princess Porcelain,

    I work for a TV company in Glasgow, Caledonia TV. We have been looking at new ideas for programmes, in particular 5-minute Short films, and I happened to notice the Scottish/Highland Lolita community.

    For our 5-minute shorts we are basically looking for 6 different Lolitas who all have quite different styles. Ideally a Tartan Lolita would be a perfect choice for one of the Highland Lolitas. Also I notice there are other styles too – Classic Lolita, Princess, Gothic, Sweet and also Oji (Boystyle) Lolitas. The short films would be a profile of each girl, a wee bit about themselves, the transformation from a normally dressed girl to a Lolita, and a tour round their wardrobe and where they live. Would also be great to get a Japanese Lolita to give fashion tips and hints to the girls too. We’re looking to make 6 films in all.

    I noticed on your videos and blogs that you enjoy various styles. It would be great if you could give me some more information on the subject, any events/meet-ups that are coming up and any other people who you think might like to take part in the programme or is a good representation of a particular style. Would you be interested in participating?

    At the moment nothing is certain, I was just hoping to get a few names of some girls who may be interested in taking part just to find out more about them, hear their story and then figure out exactly what kind of programme we can make with them.

    Anyway, I hope this finds you well and I hope to hear from you soon,

    Kind regards,

    Donald Campbell

    Donald Campbell
    Caledonia TV
    Tel: 0141 564 9100

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