Long Time No Type


It has been quite a while since I updated here. Things have changed so much over the past year for me.

I still wear Lolita however I now split my fashion style. I tend to wear either Lolita or 1940s/50s style clothing. I love how different I can look in them from one day to the next.

I am off work today. I am so fed up of this cold like flu thing! I guess it is the time of year for it :( In an attempt to cheer myself up I am currently constructing a chocolate Christmas cabin! More on how that turns out later… Maybe…

Here is a wee selfie update I took the other day. 18” chopped off my hair and I had it permed too. Still have extensions and a clip in fringe if I want my old style back too. But its so nice to have thick feeling hair for a change!


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