I have recently felt torn.

Some of you may have already noticed that I changed my online username from Princess Porcelain to Miss Lacy Belle.

I don’t feel that I am “Princess Porcelain” any more. This was actually a name given to me by a photographer. When I started wearing Lolita my style was very sweet. Everything was pastel and baby pink. After my first Sweet Lolita fashion shoot, the photographer sent through my pictures via email and the album was named “Princess Porcelain”. I adopted this name from there on.

Quickly my style changed. I gravitated to the more mature Victorian, Retro, Gothic and Rococo Lolita styles. But my pseudonym remained the same.

I now wear both Lolita and vintage Pin-up styles. I felt I needed a name that suit both sides of my personality, hence Miss Lacy Belle.


I must admit, I like things to be uniformed, lol. When I look at my Instagram and see the weird contrasting posts, it kinda bothers me. One picture will be of a beautiful set of tiny Victorian novels, the next will be a slightly more sexy pin-up post. They don’t look right together! I have tried splitting things but it means maintaining double the amount of social media accounts! If you follow me elsewhere, unfortunately you are going to have to put up with these posts that don’t seem to quite gel.

This seems such a silly blog post, but does anyone else feel this way? It might be because I’m going through changes in my career at the moment, I have also given away a lot of my old things, old toys, collectables, manga and clothing. I might just feel like starting a fresh… Who knows :)

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