Tomizaki Nori

 Real Doll Girl!

I came across this website today:

I think the words “Sinister, Beauty” describe the pictures perfectly! I am a huuuge fan of dolls. This artist combines Lolita AND dolls! A perfect combo for a Terri… you would think. Some of the pictures are a little strange and quite dark but many of them really are beautiful:

There is also a gallery that I am in love with!!! It is pictures of real girls but they all have a dolls body. I like ^__^

Very "Coraline"

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4 Responses to Tomizaki Nori

  1. Jon says:

    Hi Terri!

    Since you like dolls, you might want to check out although I am not sure whether or not the range of dolls there will suit your tastes.. a lot of them are anime characters but cover a wide array of categories. The site is run by Jimmy Choo’s (the shoe dude) son who lives here – he is also the Tokyo Stormtrooper.. which is how I found him.. there are a lot of articles on his personal website which might help you find places of interest in Tokyo, definitely worth checking out!

    Ki o tsukete


  2. Terri says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeep I love those dolls! I have always wanted a pretty, anime looking Dollfie (not one of those dead child looking ones O__O).

    Btw, when is it you head off to Tokyo, you damn lucky thing?!


  3. Jon says:

    I won’t be going to Tokyo at all – may not even visit in my year in Japan (we’ll see). I’m heading to Okayama which is between Osaka and Hiroshima, by the Inland Sea. I’ll be heading over mid-September (if not earlier) which is a few weeks before term starts so will probably go to Osaka and Kyoto.. ^_^

  4. LittleLolita says:

    Ooooooo can you bring me back a maiko if your going to Kyoto plz, or a ロリータ! ;-)
    Your so lucky xx

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