Bodyline shoe review

As promised here is my Bodyline review:

At first I heard that their shoe conversion chart was wrong, and that you should find out your Japanese size before ordering -Turns out this is true. Here is a very handy conversion chart which is correct:

If you go by Bodylines chart you will end up with shoes that are far too big for you. I am normally a (shameful) UK size 7 so in Japanese sizes that is a 25.5. I ordered this size and they fit perfectly!

I had also heard rumours that Bodyline often ship their shoes in bags as opposed to boxes. I had read a few complaints on Live Journal regarding the state they have arrived in. It might have just been that because I ordered boots they had to be shipped in a box. They might have been too big for a bag? But I have no complaints; they arrived within 4 days in perfect condition.

I had worn them for about 4 days before taking these pictures. They are wearing really well and they seem to be waterproof (in a light shower anyway, not had the confidence to jump in puddles yet lol).

Having tried a lot of off brand shoe manufacturers, Bodyline gets my vote. In the past the shoes I have bought, very quickly become marked if one shoe kicks the other. So far the sole of my boots don’t seem to leave these marks (I have heard differently about Bodylines heart buckles though).

If you have any questions please just comment ^^ x

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15 Responses to Bodyline shoe review

  1. WordArtDemon says:


    The brown boots look lovely! I ordered the pink ones a while back and wore them for the first time yesterday. However, I ran into a few problems. Did you find your boots squeeked? Mine squeek a lot, though I’m hoping that will go away.
    Also, the heels on my seem to be separating from the rest of the boot, as if the glue wasn’t quite strong enough. Have you encountered this?

    Thanks for the review! =)

  2. LittleLolita says:

    Hi there!
    Oh noes, really? My heels are doing just fine. I wear them frequently and haven’t come across that problem.
    Yes lol, my boots do squeak. It’s not very loud though and it’s only when I go down stairs for some reason lol?! I’m sure that will quieten down as they start to soften up :)

  3. Heather says:

    Hello^^ I was wondering if you could help me with my sizing. I am so confused!

  4. Takara says:

    Heather,She gave a link.Mabey you didn’t see it.

  5. Gabi Luz says:

    Hello! Are the ribbons detachable?

  6. By the ribbons do you mean the bows on the toes and the tops? Those are not detachable no :(

  7. Gabi Luz says:

    Ok! Hanks!

  8. Veronica says:

    Hi! I love the boots~ I was wondering how wide your feet were? I have really wide feet and I don’t know if I should go a size up if my feet are too wide ;u;

  9. Emily says:

    I’m looking to buy these exact boots in black. Have you found that the creases in the ankles are cracking at all? Is the material something that you fear might “flake” away over time as the creases wear in? I had a pair of their short boots in brown and eventually the spots that bent when I walked caused the top layer of the fake leather to just flake and chip off.

  10. Hi Emily!
    Sorry I am a year late in responding! These boots haven’t done that yet and I wear them all the time. All I would say though; is that the zips do scrape a little on the opposite boot, and made them a little scratched but you don’t really notice it :)

  11. Diane says:

    Hi! I would like to get shoes from BL. I’ve read from forums that we should disregard their shoe chart. Instead we should measure the length of our own feet and that gives us the size we should buy. do you think this is a good method to determine the shoe size?
    I was thinking about buying a shoe from BL that has the heart buckle on it. I think it’s the 27 dollar shoes with the bow and it’s super shiny.

    Have you ever bought from BL and paid for the slower shipping? How did it take to get to you?


  12. Diane says:

    I have slightly wide feet and my shoe size in the US is around 6 1/2. Will this consideration of having wide feet make me choose a bigger or smaller shoe size when it comes to buying shoes from BL?
    This is the shoe I really like!

    Thank you

  13. Diane says:

    Sorry it’s called shoes 274 on the BL website. Do you know if the shoe quality at BL is really good? Does your shoe still have good quality since you bought it?
    How did you determine what shoe size to get?
    Thank you

  14. Lisa says:

    Would you please see if you can find another accurate chart for us? There’s no consistency in the charts I googled, and the link no longer works.

  15. Lisa says:

    Oops, forgot to click the “notify me of follow-up comments” box! Would you please see if you can find another accurate chart for us? There’s no consistency in the charts I googled, and the link no longer works.

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