Lolita nails

One thing I have always admired about Lolita fashion is the nails!!! I have seen so many pretty nail designs out there. I am especially fond of Hime style nails such as these:

However I don’t find these nails to be particularly practical for everyday wear. I always have trouble with acrylic nails, the extra ‘bits’ seem to catch on everything, especially freshly curled hair ¬__¬

I know it’s not quite the same but I have recently discovered Minx Nail foils and I am in love with them! There are soo many different designs. You don’t need to spend ages messing around with plastic, glue or gels!

Salons that use Minx can be found almost anywhere here in Edinburgh. Everyone seems to be doing them at the moment. The price can vary greatly though, I have seen some stores charging £20 to apply them and some charging £50!

I had my first set of foils applied by my Aunt who is a trained Minx nail technician. After studying her every move, I had a quick look on Ebay and managed to find someone selling a sheet for around £10. So I bought them and had a go myself! The blue snowflakes were applied by my Aunt and the gold was my first attempt:

You shouldn’t be able to buy these foils unless you have registered with Minx (or have an Ebay account ;). I do highly recommend you go to a salon to have them done though, or else your nails may wind up looking a little like scrunched up Kit-Kat wrappers :-s and that’s you wasted £10…

The foil is applied to the bare fingernail just by using a heat lamp to warm the nail and foil. They lasted on my nails for around 3-4weeks. They can last longer but I removed them as they looked a little silly as I had quite a lot of my own nails re-growth showing. But I do think they are perfect for the ‘working Lolita’ lol. They are practical, they don’t chip, they strengthen then nail, my nails are now a lot longer from wearing them, and tbh I don’t think I will be buying another bottle of nail varnish for a very long time.. :)

Minx website:

Got nails to match your dress?..Post links to your co-ord pics here!

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