Lolita day trip to Dunfermline

When I was younger one of my favourite places to visit, to escape (what I felt were) the burdens of teenage life (lol!) for a while, was a place called Dunfermline Abbey.

After meeting my friends in town I would often wander home through Pittencrieff Park, stopping in at the Abbey. I always had an interest in history and at Primary school we were taught all about how Dunfermline was once the capital of Scotland. We were told that this area was once a beautiful Palace, but now it stands in ruins :( The Abbey itself is the only area still intact.

I moved to Edinburgh when I was seventeen. I didn’t enjoy growing up in Dunfermline, however I must admit that as an adult I now see the little town very differently :)

*Updated Dec: This Christmas we had very heavy snowfall. We had travelled back to Dunfermline to deliver our Christmas presents. Since we were there, we decided to have a walk around Pittencrieff Park. It was magical looking covered in mounds of smooth sparkling snow! The little river was frozen over and the wildlife was plentiful! Squirrels and birds were following people around in the hope of food. Some of the squirrels were taking nuts right out of small children’s hands! It was very pretty.*

Anyway, today we decided to head back to Dunfermline because they have a Primark. And I wanted a stack of cheap tights! XD Here is a little video I made before we got the train back home:

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