A Few Victorian Inspired Alterations

I’ve never had much confidence in the things I make and I am never one hundred percent happy with them…

I recently found a jacket I was given by my boyfriend when I was about seventeen/eighteen. I loved it at the time but as my style changed I guess it was just forgotten about, lost at the back of my wardrobe. It had too much sentimental value to throw away or sell so I decided to make a few alterations! For once, I am happy:D Below are the results!

(Left) Before
(Right) After (it needs an iron lol)
I cut five inches off the bottom of the jacket and hemmed it.
Cut out a three inch wide strip from the middle. Removing the zip.
Added lace to either side of the jacket front.
Added eighteen buttons to the front of the jacket and four smaller ones on the sleeves.
Taaadaaa! :D

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