Lolita wigs

I reeeally missed my red hair. Unfortunately it was just way too high maintenance for me, so I bought this red wig instead :D

A lot of people have been asking me recently where I buy my wigs from. Honestly? I just use Ebay. You can buy from places like Gothic but I find that they tangle just as quickly as any of the other wigs I have bought in the past. One thing I would say in their favour is that they are perhaps ideal for sweet Lolitas. I personally wouldn’t buy any ‘coloured’ wigs on Ebay as they are often very costumey quality. The bright or pastel wigs can often be very shiny, but with G.L.W. you will get a thick, almost matt, pretty pastel wig.

I wear classic Lolita most of the time so I tend to wear natural colours (except for my crazy obsession with red atm! XD) but for natural colours I use this Ebay store:  Yinzhi8326

Happy shopping!

Photography by: David Lesault

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