Who made this?

I am looking for some assistance please! :D

I have already posted this on Facebook and on Livejournal but no one can seem to help me. I am looking for the brand that released these dresses:

Milanoo’s website has stolen the image (and now I have too! :-s) it defiantly isn’t one of their own designs. I can’t find who made the originals anywhere. I have recently found a replica but even that was a nightmare to find! A few people suggested it was made PinkHouse but I don’t think it is theirs?…

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank yooou!

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2 Responses to Who made this?

  1. Zeruda says:

    Hi. The brand you’re looking for is Infanta :)

    this used to be the link to the item, not sure if somethings wrong with their site or if the item is no longer for sale.

  2. Aw thank you so much!
    I saw that Infanta were selling this skirt in a very similar fabric but I wasn’t sure if it was just coincidence: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=13261264505&
    That’s much appreciated! :D
    -T x

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