3/4 Wigs (Or Half Head Wigs)

I thought I would write a quick post about ¾ wigs. I tend to wear these wigs/extensions with my Classic Lolita day-to-day co-ords. They are very simple to insert and remove.

About a year ago I bleached my hair so I could go ginger (and I LOVED IT!) but after a while the bleach caused quite a bit of damage to my hair. I have been trying my best to let my natural colour grow back in and little by little I have been getting the ends trimmed. Last week a got fed up of continually spending money to get tiny amounts chopped off, so I bit the bullet and got about 3 and a ½ inches cut off! My hair is in much better condition now but I do really miss the length! So I got the ¾ wigs back out! ;D

I used to wear these all the time when I had black hair (black was the easiest hair colour ever, to find matching extensions for!) This store was my favourite: Annabelles Wigs. Their wigs and extensions are very thick! I also recommend this shop on Ebay: ozukis2012 Again their ¾ wigs are excellent quality.

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