How to order from TaoBao

Okay, several months later I finally have a write-up!

This is how to order from TaoBao using TaoBaoSpree. TaoBaoSpree is a Chinese shopping service for overseas customers.

First of all, you don’t need to register with TaoBaoSpree as they do all of their orders through emails.

  1. You choose the products that you are after by going to
  2. If it is specifically Lolita items you are after, TaoBaoSpree have put together a handy store list here: Stores (Please be patient, many TaoBao links are quite slow to load).
  3. After finding the items you want, save the web links to each product.
  4. Because TaoBao is a Chinese website, the sales descriptions are often in Chinese, very few posts are in English. I use Google Translate to translate the sizes etc into English and XE to convert the prices.
  5. How the prices work:
    * Once you have worked out the total for all of your items keep in mind that TaoBaoSpree charge 10% of the total price as their shopping fee.
    * You will also be paying the shipping costs from the TaoBao store to the shopping service.
    * Lastly you will then need to pay for shipping from China to you.
  6. I put together this form. To order, email it to: susan(at)
    Form I use for tailor made dresses:
    My name:
    Link 1:
    Garment colour choice:
    My measurements (Or just quote the size S,M or L etc, if it isn’t a tailor made item)
    Desired skirt length:
    Shipping address:
    Paypal address:
    Phone number:
  7. At this point you will be assigned a member of staff who will deal with your order.
  8. You will then receive an email containing the total cost that TaoBaoSpree would like to be paid. But it will exclude the final international shipping cost! (Remember that you still need to pay this at a later date!).
  9. At this point I often just reply with “Please send me an invoice” and they will send you a ‘money request’ through Paypal (I find this easier than sending them the money from my end).
  10. This payment that you are sending covers the item costs, the 10% fee and the domestic shipping costs.
  11. The dresses I buy often take about a month to be made. One Lolita dress costs approximately £20 to be shipped by EMS from China with a tracking number to Scotland (varies depending on weight). You can always ask in earlier emails for a shipping estimation, so you know roughly how much to expect their second invoice to be.
  12. After you have sent that payment, TaoBaoSpree will be back in touch once they receive your goods. Again, when they send you the email asking for the international postage payment, I prefer for them to send me an invoice. So you can just ask them to do so again. (I shop with TaoBaoSpree so regularly I don’t even need to ask anymore lol, I receive the invoices straight after I receive their emails).
  13. After paying your second money request, TaoBaoSpree will ship your item promptly and email you again with a tracking number. I have found that most of my parcels arrived within 4-10 days.

I hope that this helpful! If you have any questions please just leave me a comment. There are slightly other ways of ordering too however I find this to be the easiest and most straight forward. There are links throughout this post, if you follow through the TaoBaoSpree one you will find FAQs and more info on how to order etc.

Thankies! x

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2 Responses to How to order from TaoBao

  1. Fla says:

    Thank you so much for showing me this, it will help me a lot!


  2. Sophie says:

    omgosh, thank you porcelain! this is so incredibly helpful since i know taobao is cheaper then other online lolita shops, but i’ve been afraid to use since i never heard of anyone how to exactly =w=
    so really thanks :) and i’ll see if i can use this next time <w<

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