Ma Spooky Suit!

I recently got a cheque through from an Aunt that passed away earlier this year:(

I decided to go shopping today with my boyfriend. I bought so many things I didn’t need, including this skeleton suit! I loves it! :D

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Tag Question Quiz

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The rules:
• State 11 random facts about yourself
• Answer the 11 question the blogger who tagged you posed
• Write down 11 questions you want to ask other bloggers
• Tag 11 people and link them in your post
• Make sure you informed the people you tagged

Random facts:
1. I am 25 years old.
2. I have had two pets in my lifetime, both female hamsters. One called Sophie and my current hammy called Jasmine.

3. I love planning day trips.
4. I don’t believe in ghosts but I do love good ghost stories.
5. No answers I give are ever set in stone.
6. I don’t drink alcohol.
7. I love to make people smile and laugh more than anything!
8. I love a challenge and enjoy competition.
9. I like learning anything! whether it is learning a new skill or just more about a friend.
10. My favourite season is winter.
11. I am obsessed with Christmas! I just love giving people presents :D

Yaya’s 11 questions for you:

1. Do you like travelling?
I enjoy travelling, yes. I haven’t had my passport for very long though so I have only been to Paris and Venice out with the UK.
2. You favourite kind of music?
I always hate this question, lol.
I’m not really a big fan of music. If I had to pick one, it would beee…. Classical, with very few instruments.
3. Tell us a dream you had at night?
I have very vivid dreams. I remember almost all of them. Maybe one day I will type one up, a bit long for this little space though :)
4. Books or movies?
I would say that I watch more movies than I read books. I think it is because watching movies can be more social. Reading a book, you tend to do alone.
5. Countryside or city?
City! I want to say countryside so badly. I love the colours, plants, flowers, the thought of life in a pretty white cottage, (dressed like Anne of Green Gables XD) but… I seem to be allergic to everything nature has to offer!
Concrete Jungle it is then, not that I’m complaining, I love the city too.
6. How do you deal with hate/haters?
Not everyone is going to like me, and I understand that.
I try my best to like everyone, even the people who don’t like me. I try and understand why people like them, and work out what it is about me that they dislike. I wouldn’t change for anyone however I think it’s interesting the things humans find that bother them.
7. What’s your opinion on Valentines day?
I think it’s cute and a nice tradition. I’m not a huge celebrator of it. Just because I think a lot of the gifts on offer are pretty tacky, lol.
8. Getting up early or staying up late?
Both! :D I love early starts and late nights.
Often on a Friday, if I’m working, I am up at 6am. I then go out with friends after work and I can be out until 2/3am and still feel wide awake! :D
9. Something you do not like at all?
Those weird microfiber dusting clothes! They stick to your finger prints, it’s a horrible feeling! O_o
10. Do you have a certain talent?
I am pretty flexible after doing gymnastics when I was younger? I can draw a little too:

11. Something you can’t live without?
My friends and partner mean the world to me <3

Sorry, I haven’t tagged anyone back. Most people I would tag, have already done this XD Feel free to steal and pass on I guess!

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Milky Ange Red One Piece

I have the blue version and now I have the red too! Arrived yesterday! :D
Dress by: Milky Ange.

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Metamorphose One Piece

A little bit Alice in Wonderland inspired today…

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Lockshop’s Ball-Jointed Dolls Tights

Long time no post!

Yesterday I received my new BJD tights from Lockshop. I love them so so much! :D

They look fantastic. I had some mixed reactions from friends, some of them loved them and others thought they looked way too creepy. Either way the reactions were hilarious! :D

The tights are comfortable, well made and the print looks great. I can only recommend!

Below is the information from Lockshop‘s website if you are considering purchasing them:

“The tights can be shipped very cheaply in a (bubble wrap) envelope, so if you buy it in bulk it might be cheaper for you to split your orders so that it can be send as an envelope instead of a package. When it doesn’t show “mailbox” shipping as an option it might be cheaper to choose to split your order instead!

The tights are quite sheer, but surprisingly thick. They don’t tear easily, but please handle them with care! They are 30 Denier

Size: These tights are one size fits most. They are made of an extremely stretchy material and are aimed for the western market size S-M. The model wearing the tights is a size S and 5’10” or 1.78cm, so they will fit a great range of heights! We will supply different sizes in the future.”

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A Team Effort

Yesterday at work there was a Best-Dressed-Desks competition.

Our team decided to decorate the area like Santa’s Grotto! Our team leaders were dressed as Santas and we dressed as elves.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we won!!! :D

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Announcing the Angelic Pretty Dress Winner!

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Eteaket Tea Club

Yesterday I received my last tea delivery from Eteaket! I got these pressed tea leaf hearts and two other teas.

(Think they went a little crazy with the spelling on the packet XD).

I used to get two teas a month from Eteaket! This was originally a present from my friend Paul.
I recommend it if anyone is looking for the perfect present for that ‘tea jenny’ in their life! ;)
Join the Eteaket tea club here!

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Two Quick and Simple Casual Lolita Hairstyles

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Pretty Little Parcels

I wanted my Christmas presents this year to look more unique…

I’m not that keen on a lot of the wrapping paper on offer these days lol. I don’t like the cartoony looking prints, I’m not keen on the modern designs, I hate the glitter covered ones (when I’m wrapping anyway ;), but I do love the traditional christmassy prints. These prints tend to be on very cheap and thin paper though, so it rips sooo easily.

This is the best I could come up with. I decided to go for a bit of a vintage look with my wrapping this year.

P.s. I can’t believe that I just made a post ranting about wrapping paper. Man, I am cool.

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